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June 2018

Tuna Hunter Shared Charters

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Our latest Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters Shared Charter openings as of June 7, 2018:

  • July 21 (Sat) – 2 spots
  • August 10 (Fri) – 2 spots
  • September 16 (Sun) – 2 spots

To join one or more of these charters, call us at 978-407-1351 or email or use our Reservations for and indicate which date and the number of persons you are reserving for.

Shared Tuna Charter on Tuna HunterShared charters are a great way to get on a fishing trip when you don’t have friends that can commit to going with you.  Join like-minded persons and get out there fishing!


Pineapple Gang 15th Year

Haddock Heaven on Stellwagen

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Haddock fishing aboard Tuna Hunter is in full swing right now ~ it is pure Haddock Heaven on Jeffrey’s Ledge and Stellwagen Bank.  Charters are enjoying steady catches, limiting out, and are treated to a great whale show.

Pineapple Gang 15th Year

Congratulations to the Pineapple Gang, who fished their hearts out this May, and were treated to an awesome whale show at the same time. We are wishing them the best on their travels this summer.

There is plenty of bait and life on the fishing grounds, so we expect this great fishing to continue.

Join us – call 978-407-1351 or email to reserve your haddock fishing charter.