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August 2022

Gloucester bluefin tuna fishing charters

Bluefin Tuna Fishing Charters – Best of the Season Starts Now!

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The best bluefin tuna fishing of the year starts now!  Tuna fishing charters are a great way to take advantage on this awesome fishery.  Book your September bluefin tuna charter on Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters to join in on the action.

September 1st opens another chunk of bluefin tuna quota, meaning we are again able to sell giant bluefin tuna.  Join us for your catch of a lifetime!   Tuna Hunter  will be fishing every day that weather allows, and we do have openings for you to join us.

We expect September to open with  a strong class of giant bluefin in our area – the same group that gave us 5 and 7 hour-long battles in August.  We are hoping for some smaller bluefin (under 73 inches) to mix in, as usually happens in the fall, for charters to take home tuna loins for the grill and sushi.

Gloucester tuna fishing

Tuna Hunter will be fishing into November, for as long as weather allows and the bluefin are in our Cape Ann waters.  The fall fishing grounds have plenty of bait , plenty of bluefin of different sizes, and low crowds.

Giant bluefin – over 73 inches – caught on sale days, are sold, and the charter get s 20% of the sale price of the fish.  Giants caught on restricted days, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, are tag and release.  Bluefin under 73 inches, on any day,  may be retained by the charter – one 47 to 73, two 27 to 47 inches. (Regulations may change!)

Call us 978-407-1351 or email , or use our Reservations page, to join us!