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GRAND PRIZE WINNER of Tag-A-Tiny Tuna Tournament

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Captain Gary Cannell was the GRAND PRIZE winner of the North Shore Community Tuna Association’s Tag-A-Tiny Tuna Tournament, to benefit the Large Pelagic Research Center’s Tag-A-Tiny program.

Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters, Captain Gary Cannell, Tag-A-Tiny Grand Prize Winner

TUNA HUNTER – Tag-a-Tiny Grand Prize Winner

Gary has always practiced and encouraged tag and release of all fish that cannot be legally retained, and of all fish that will not be consumed.   The Tag-aTiny weekend was no exception. Charters on Friday, Saturday and Sunday were treated to fine bluefin action. Each day Tuna Hunter put here charters onto several bluefin, retaining one fish each day (all between 50 and 58 inches) and tagging all remaining fish.  While tied with First Light Anglers on the number of tuna tagged, Tuna Hunter brought home the Grand Prize for most fish caught over the weekend.

Tagging efforts did not stop there – Tuna Hunter continued tagging bluefin tuna through November, and will continue fishing and tagging to support reasearch and preservation of our industry.

The focus of the Tag-a-Tiny Tournament, was promote tag-and-release of juvenile bluefin tuna and to raise funds for Dr. Molly Lutcavage and the UNH Large Pelagics Research Center. The Tag-A-Tiny program studies the migration paths of juvenlile bluefin tuna through internal and external archival tags.  The Tag-A-Tiny program has made great progress since its inception in 2005. ( Read more about the Tag A Tiny program here) but funding is needed to continue this important program.

Thank you to the tournament sponsors: Ouellette and Smith (Fishlaw); Grady-White Boats; Gloucester Seafood Display Auction; Gloucester House Restaurant; Captain Carlo’s Restaurant; Commercial Fisheries News; On the Water Media; Madfish Grill; Intershell; The BillfishFoundation; and Seaboard Products Company, proud distributors of Anheuser Busch Products.
Please support these sponsors as they help support our fishery!

TUNA HUNTER strongly supports tag and release of bluefin tuna and other species, and Molly Lutcavage’s efforts with bluefin tagging in particular.

40th Birthday Bash - Rob and friends on a birthday charter tackled this bluefin, their first, and retained it for the birhtday party.. They tagged the next 3 fish!

40th Birthday Sushi Party

Rob and friends on a 40th birthday charter tackled this bluefin, their first, and retained it for the birhtday party.. They tagged the next 3 fish, a worthy effort toward bluefin tuna research!

Tagged Bluefin, showng tag location just behnd the dorsal fn

Tag placement just behind dorsal fin

Proper Tag placement is critical – the tag has be on the top of this fish, behind the dorsal fin, in order to avoid the major artery.

Gloucester fishing charters

Wicked Tuna Boys Land Giant Bluefin Tuna aboard Tuna Hunter

By Bluefin Tuna Charters

The Wicked Tuna Boys had an awesome bluefin tuna charter aboard Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters.

While they are all avid Wicked Tuna fans, they will agree that nothing compares to being there in person to hear the reel scream, feel the power of the fish through the rod, battle fist to reel to angle the fish in crank by crank, see the harpoon shot, and finally pull your bluefin through the fish door.

It doesn’t get any better than this – memories of a lifetime for young crew, the fathers and for Tuna Hunter.

Tuna Hunter is already booking for next year.  Consider a Gift Certificate in any denomination for the Wicked Tuna fan on your list.  Call us at 978-407-1351 or 978-546-7992, or email for more details.

Good fishing to all, and to all a good bite!

Gloucester tuna fishing

Bluefin Tuna Madness is On! Fat Boy by Jeff and Jack

By Bluefin Tuna Charters

If you have not heard, October Bluefin Madness has struck – bluefin tuna arrived off Gloucester in numbers not seen in years, following awesome schools of herring like we have not seen in years.

Of course Tuna Hunter was there, as Captain Gary is “tuna hunter” in every sense of the word. Tuna Hunter will be Bluefin Tuna Fishing every day, weather permitting, through November.

600lb Gloucester Bluefin Tuna on Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters

600lb Gloucester Bluefin Tuna on Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters


This 600lb fat boy was landed by the awesome crew of Jeff (“English”), Dave (“Mr. Lucky”) and Jack (Special K) a crew we are honored to have aboard.

Call 978-407-1351 or email to join us for this late season bluefin tuna fishing madness.  Good fishing to all!

Gloucester tuna fishing

Tail-Wrapped Bluefin – A Wonderful Site

By Bluefin Tuna Charters

Anyone who fishes for giant bluefin tuna knows that “Tail Wrapped” means Done – You Got ‘Em!

(Well, there are a few more things that could go wrong, but one needs to be real unlucky).

We are happy to report seeing lots of this site lately – and plan on many more before the season ends.  Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters will be fishing every day weather allows.   Call 978-407-1351 or email to join us.

Tail-wrapped bleufin tuna on recent Tuna HunteR fishing Charters bluefin tuna charter in Gloucester, MA

Tail-wrapped bleufin tuna on recent Tuna HunteR fishing Charters bluefin tuna charter in Gloucester, MA


Tuna Sunset

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Bluefin tuna sunset … what can be better than battling a giant tuna?  Battling your giant bluefin against a beautiful sunset like this one.  Join us this fall to take advantage of gorgeous fall days and a bluefin tuna season that is shaping up to be a fine one.

Tuna Hunter Sunset while battling giant bluefin

Tuna Hunter Sunset while battling giant bluefin

 Tuna Hunter is tuna fishing through September, October, and into November, as long as bluefin tuna remain in our area.

Call us at 978-407-1351 to reserve, or email for more information.