Father and Son Tuna Fishing on Tuna Hunter

October bluefin tuna fishing on Tuna Hunter continues to be awesome, with a mix of giants (tag and release) and smaller Bluefin (under 3 inches) for charters to take home.  All week, charters have been battling giants and smaller bluefin, taking home tuna loins for the grill and sushi.

Tuna Hunter will be fishing into November, for as long as weather allows and the bluefin are in our Cape Ann waters.  We were happy to have great father and son action this weekend – a great way to get young anglers interested for life.

Giant bluefin – over 73 inches – are tag and release.  Bluefin under 73 inches may be retained by the charter – one 47 to 73, two 27 to 47 inches. (Regulations may change!)

Tuna Hunter is fishing as long as weather conditions allow – the fishing grounds have plenty of bait , plenty of Bluefin of different sizes, and low crowds.

Call 978-407-1351 or email captain@tunahunter.com , or use our Reservations page, to join us!