Kite Fishing Charters, Gloucester MA

What makes bluefin tuna fishing even more exciting? … KITE FISHING! 

In the past few years, half of our hook-ups are from the kite. This works, and it’s awesome fun. Kite fishing allows the captain to dangle a bait right at the surface – this teases the bluefin into rocketing to the surface to snag its prey. We fly the kite to run the line up and away from the boat – somewhat like a “flying” outrigger.

The HIT is INCREDIBLE. The hit – as a bluefin clears the surface to grab the bait suspended from the kite – is awesome. The reel screams .. all hands man their stations to clear lines for the first angler.

Kite fishing makes for many more hookups than other techniques when fishing conditions allow. It’s great to be hooked up battling a fish while others troll by! TUNA HUNTER has kite fishing charters Gloucester down to a science – we rotate four different kites and 2 kite rods depending on winds and weather.

Our experienced crew will instruct inexperienced anglers in the use of all tackle, reeling techniques and in tactics necessary to battle your bluefin. You CAN do this! School and Medium tuna are fought stand up on light tackle.

TUNA HUNTER has belts, gloves and harnesses to legally assist you as you battle your bluefin. Our mates will coach and maintain all lines clear, while Capt Gary maneuvers Tuna Hunter for optimal action and efficiency. We do everything in our power to help you boat that fish.

Gloucester fishing charters
Winslow with bluefin hooked by kite,
fought the entire battle himself

The excitement and energy in the air from strike to tail wrap, to boating the fish is awesome! This is Wicked Tuna, with class.

Bluefin Tuna Fishing Highlights:

  • Offshore fishing trip, 15-30+ miles, depending on where best fishing is that day.
  • Heavy Tackle for Giants, or Light Tackle for School Bluefin. We carry all sizes of professional tackle, fly rods to Penn 130s. Check out the Matsuura tuna reel – awesome.
  • Kite fishing for tuna, wind willing. It’s an awesome hit!
  • Giant Bluefin tuna fishing may be trolling or chumming, anchored or drifting.
  • May encounter Sharks, Cod and Haddock, Whales, or Bluefin Tuna
  • May go home with sore arms and shoulders
  • Sushi served on the way home, soy, wasabi and ginger provided

Full Day Charter:
Bluefin - Kite
Fishing Charter

$ 1400

up to six persons
  • 9 hrs
  • usually depart 5:00 AM
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Bluefin - Kite
Fishing Charter

$ 1650

up to six persons
  • 12 hrs
  • usually depart 5:00 AM
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Tuna under 73″ may be retained by the charter, according to current NOAA Fisheries size regulations.

Charters who land a giant bluefin tuna are invited on a return Bluefin Tuna trip as our guests.