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Haddock fishing is GREAT this spring! Come join us.  Plus there is abundance of whales on the fishing grounds putting on an awesome show to keep us entertained while reeling.

If you haven’t booked your spring cod and haddock trip yet, now is the time.  The coming week looks to be glorious weather to be out on the banks reeling in haddock, enjoying the ocean and gathering food for the family.

Book your 2022 Gloucester fishing charters now for you choice of date.  Weekends fill up fast, so plan ahead and reserve you private fishing charter to ensure your choice time on the fishing grounds.

Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters  is on the water fishing every day weather allows now through November.

Gloucester haddock fishing charters

 Cod & Haddock on Tuna Hunter ~ Pineapple Gang!

Striped bass migrate into our Cape Ann waters in late May, we will be running striped bass charters as soon as we see them. Bluefin tuna season opens on June 1st,  when bluefin tuna fishing charters begin. We look forward to another awesome season of giant bluefin tuna fishing.

Looking for sharks?  Porbeagle sharks have already been seen in our waters. Makos, Threshers and Blues are sure to follow.

Call us at 978-407-1351 to reserve your fishing charter – Spring is much more fun on the fishing grounds!