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Iwanowicz Party Cod Fishing Gloucester aboard Tuna Hunter

By June 17, 2009June 19th, 2017Uncategorized

Nick was definitely high angler on the Iwanowicz cod and haddock fishing charters on Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters.

Large cod, to 25 pounds, were the norm throughout the day.  Can’t beat that!
These huge cod hit on both jigs and bait, on a steady pace. 

Gloucester Cod Fishing ~ Iwanowicz Party on Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters
Iwanowicz Party on Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters

It’s hard to believe, but the bottom fishing just keeps getting better on Stellwagen and Jeffries. Sand ells abound.  Bluefin tuna fishing is in full swing, with tuna of all sizes in the area.  Inshore striped bass action is in full swing. 

Contact Captain Gary by phone at 978-407-1351 or email  Come join in this awesome fishing now!

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