Miracle Giant Tuna for Nippon TV Aboard Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters

By July 1, 2013Uncategorized

A popular Japanese comedy TV show by Nippon TV filmed an episode aboard Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters  last weekend. With 5 Japanese and one translator, things got interesting when Tuna Hunter hooked a lively giant bluefin. By some miracle, enough directions were passed through the translator to direct the show’s three comedians to fight and land a 350 pound bluefin in a 2 hour battle.

We have video and more photos coming, but this photo shows the Tuna Hunter and Nippon TV “Tuna Team” just after tail wrapping their giant bluefin. 

Tuna Hunter / Nippon TV Team Tuna Tailwrapped Giant Bluefin

Congratulations to all of hte production teams and the commedians – the talent had never landed a fish before, let alone a giant bluefin. Many thanks to Teruko and Yumi for preparations and those much needed translations.

Tuna Hunter is fishing 7 days a week now through November.  Give us a call for our latest oepenings – we look forward t ogetting you into some giant fish, too!  978-407-1351 or captain@tunahunter.com for more information.  Good fishing!