Whippany Dudes 820lb Bluefin on Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters

Tuna Hunter Bluefin Tuna Shared Charter update:

As of June 18, 2019  we have this shared charter openings:

  • July 2  (2 spots open)

Join us for 4th of July week offshore fishing – what’s more American that red tuna steaks for the grill?

Call us at 978-407-1351 or email captain@tunahunter.com to reserve your spot.

The cost of an offshore shared charter when 4 persons go is $350 per person, plus a 15-20% tip for the mate.  Or, you can split with someone 2 or 3  ways – it does not matter to us as long as all parties, 2,3 or 4, agree to pay an amount that totals the cost of a full charter. Many options here, but people need to agree and commit.  We need at  2 others to make this charter a go.

Enjoy 4th of July week in Gloucester, MA – in between St Peter’s Fiesta and the 4th, Gloucester is a great time on and offshore.

To confirm your shared charter request,  – either call us 978-546-7992 or use our Reservations form.

Shared charters are a go when we get 4 confirmed persons.  Until then, a full private charter will override a maybe shared charter.  Secure your fishing date with a giant bluefin!

Whippany Dudes 820lb Bluefin on Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters

Whippany Dudes Scored a Winning Giant!