Shared Offshore Fishing Charters Gloucester MA

Openings:   Sept 16(1), or Sept 20(2) See below to join

We get many requests for early/late season cod and haddock trips and for giant bluefin when the bite is on (like now) – check here for our latest shared charters, use our Reservations page or call to inquire about our latest openings, including tuna charters offshore fishing Cape Ann MA.

We will accommodate shared offshore fishing charters as we have anglers to fill them. You let us know what dates you want to go, or call us claim a slot on one of our shared charter slots listed below.

Tuna Hunter Fishing Gift Certificates – are great gifts for the fishermen (and fisherwomen!) in your life for any occasion. Call 978-546-7992 to set up a gift certificate in any denomination – a full fishing charter or a shared fishing charter slot, or anything in between, Gloucester MA.

Shared Tuna Charter on Tuna Hunter

Share a fishing charter to get a fish of a lifetime!
Call us at 978-407-1351
if there is space, we’ll fit you in. Bring strong arms!

Shared Fishing Charter Cost

9 Hours
12 Hours
Plus a customary 15-20% tip for the mate.
Two Anglers
$700 pp
$825 pp
Three Anglers
$470 pp
$550 pp
Four Anglers
$350 pp
$415 pp

The cost per person of your shared charter depends on the total number of persons who go.* These prices are for an offshore charter (tuna, cod/haddock, sharks):

*Prices listed are for payments by cash or check . Please note that due to increasing processing costs, payments processed by credit card include a 4% service charge..

Available Shared Charter Dates:

This is a great way to get out on your fishing charter, share the costs and meet fellow anglers for teaming up future charters.

July 21 (Sat)


spots available
  • Bluefin Tuna
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Aug 10 (Fri)


spots available
  • Bluefin Tuna
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Sept 16,17 or 18 (Sun,Mon or Tue)


spots available
  • Bluefin Tuna
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a date!


spots available
  • Stripers, Tuna, Shark or Haddock!
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The way it works is, if we get 4 persons confirmed for a date, or N persons agree to split the full cost of the charter N ways,  that shared charter is booked.
If we get a full private charter booked before we get the 4 for a confirmed shared charter, then the full charter prevails (though we’ll ask if they want to share!).
Once your shared charter is confirmed (at least 4 persons, confirmed with a credit card #), you are responsible for the full amount of your shared charter slot. This is only fair to others who joined your shared charter, and also to protect you from someone else backing out at the last minute. We want to get as many people out there catching fish as possible!
Tuna over 73″ are the boat’s property due to federal permitting.
Charters who land a Giant Tuna (over 73 inches) may receive 20% of the fish sale price up to the cost of the charter. On shared charters, that 20% will be divided among all shared charter persons.