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Shark Fishing Charters, Gloucester MA

Mako sharks, porbeagles and blue sharks, can all be taken on live bait, jigs, or by kite fishing. Recently we even had great white sharks on our Gloucester fishing grounds.

Tuna Hunter has expertise in all strategies, all tackle types, standup and fly fishing included. Sharks offer that extra cool factor, and heck, the jaws are neat to look at, maybe mount on your wall at home. The excitement of hooking a big shark and fighting to the boat in unmistakable.

Shark Fishing Highlights:

  • Offshore trip, 15-30+ miles

  • Heavy or Light Tackle

  • Best fishing July through October

  • Blue Sharks, Makos, Porbeagles and Threshers (they jump!)

  • May encounter Cod, Haddock, Whales, or Bluefin Tuna

Gloucester fishing charters
Gloucester fishing charters

Captain Gary Cannell guided angler Fred onto this 300-pound Mako shark on a recent combination tuna – shark fishing charter. Tuna Hunter was kite fishing at the time. Fred fought this toothy guy standup on light tackle. Mako sharks jump, flip, twirl and thrash ~ just like they do on TV ~this was an acrobatic and exciting fight. This time, Fred and Tuna Hunter won!

Blue Sharks, Makos, Threshers and Porbeagles abound in the waters off of Cape Ann MA.
These sharks make for exciting charter fishing action for all.

Full Day Charter: Shark Charter

$ 1600

up to six persons
  • 9-10 hrs
  • usually depart 6:00 AM
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Shark Marathon Charter*

$ 1950

up to six persons
  • 12 hours
  • usually depart 6:00 AM
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* sharks or any offshore combination. May also encounter tuna or cod & haddock.

*Prices do not include 20% Mate’s tip for service provided.