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Tag-A-Tiny Tuna Tournament August 22-24th

By August 11, 2008Uncategorized

Tuna Hunter encourages all anglers to participate in the Tag-A-Tiny Tuna Tournament August 22 – 24 to support the Large Pelagic Research Center’s Tag-A-Tiny program.

The focus of the Tournament, hosted by the North Shore Community Tuna Association, is promote tag-and-release of juvenile bluefin tuna and to raise funds for Dr. Molly Lutcavage and the UNH Large Pelagics Research Center. The Tag-A-Tiny program studies the migration paths of juvenlile bluefin tuna through internal and external archival tags. The Tag-A-Tiny program has made great progress since its inception in 2005. ( Read more about the Tag A Tiny program here) but funding is needed to continue this important program.

The Tournament has three categories of boats: small, large, and charter.

The winner of each category will be the boat that tagged the most fish.

Dated digital photos will be required for each fish tagged in order to
make the tournament as fair as possible.
There will also be a kill
category for giant Bluefin Tuna.

Each registered boat will receive a
tagging kit, sponsor gifts, four t-shirts, and four meal tickets for
the grand celebration dinner. The tournament will take place up and
down the east coast (from Maine to Florida ) with its base in
Gloucester, MA . Tournament tagging kits will be sent to all
applicants whose registrations are received before August 10th.
Entries within a two hour drive of Gloucester , MA will be accepted through Wednesday, August 20th, 2008.

Full details including registration form can be found at

To Download a registration click this link:

Sign Up

Contact Mark Godfried for more information about signing up for the Tag A Tiny Tournament


phone: (978) 317-1797

you to the tournament sponsors: Ouellette and Smith (Fishlaw);
Grady-White Boats ; Gloucester Seafood Display Auction; Gloucester
House Restaurant; Captain Carlo’s Restaurant; Commercial Fisheries
News; On the Water Media; Madfish Grill; Intershell; The Billfish
Foundation; and Seaboard Products Company, proud distributors of
Anheuser Busch Products. Please support these sponsors as they help support our fishery!

Tuna Hunter strongly supports tag and release of bluefin tuna and other species, and Molly Lutcavage’s efforts with bluefin tagging in particular. See our AFTCO Tag Flag tagging story here.

Call Tuna Hunter at 978-407-1351 or email for our latest openings.
Bluefin Tuna are running strong now – register for hte Tag-A-Tiny Tournament, or call us to book your appointment with a fattie (for tag-and-release, or course!)