Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters ~ Kite Fishing

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Giant Bluefin Tuna 920 lbs

Tuna Hunter tuna charters enjoyed a treat this past season – Kite fishing for bluefin tuna.

We will do more kite fishing for bluefin tuna in the 2008 season, targeting tuna of all sizes.

Fish the Kite ~ It’s a hell of a bite!

We expect the same bluefin tuna year class to be in the Gloucester, MA fishing area again, a whole year bigger and beefier, but still in a great size range for stand-up angling.

Kite Launch for Tuna Fishing by Kite on Tuna Hunter

Once launched, the kite holds baits just at the surface. Makes for an AWESOME hit!

No, that's a whale

Once the fish is on, the fight is incredible …

Stand-up Tuna Fishing

For 2008 Fishing Charter Rates, see our website at https://www.tunahunter.com/rates.htm

Giant Bluefin aboard Tuna Hunter