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** Sorry, the July 27th date has been filled, as of July 26, 2017  Let us know if a future date works for you! ***
Wanted: Two persons, ready to catch giant Bluefin tuna on July 27th.   This date is coming up fast, and we want to make this one a go.
This is the beginning of the Bluefin Blowout weekend, just before the tournament, which this year benefits Alzheimer’s Association.

Bluefin tuna are in the Gloucester area now – more bites each day, more fishing charters fun for you! There are also smaller school Bluefin around… fun angling there for sure.

Shared fishing charters in Gloucester are a popular way to get out on the water and into giant bluefin tuna, striped bass, haddock or sharks, even if there’s just one or two of you.

Our current open charter dates, as of July 26, 2017, are:

July 27  (Bluefin tuna, **filled**)
August 22 or 23 (Tuna, 2 openings or Striped Bass, 2 openings, either or both days)

Gloucester tuna fishing charters


Call us at 978-546-7992 or use our Reservations form to join one of these shared charters, or to reserve you own private charter     It’s cooler out there on the water, reeling in fish!

Good fishing to you – Join us!