Gloucester fishing charters

Shared fishing chartersĀ in Gloucester are a popular way to get out on the water and into bluefin tuna, striped bass, haddock or sharks, even if there’s just one of you.

Our current open charter dates, as of July 26, 2017, are:

August 22 or 23 (Tuna, 2 openings or Striped Bass, 2 openings, either or both days)

Call us at 978-546-7992 or use our Reservations form to join one of our shared charters.

Haddock fishing in Gloucester is red hot right now; Tuna are here and chowing on bunker, herring and mackerel.
Striped Bass keepers are in and around the rocks and islands of Cape Ann – a great family fun charter, full or half day.

Call us at 978-407-1351 to reserve your own private charter, or use our Reservations page, inshore for striped bass and bluefish or offshore for haddock, sharks or bluefin tuna.

It’s cooler out there on the water, reeling in fish!
Good fishing to you – Join us.


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  • Danielle Colombo says:

    I see you have room for two people on August 18th for Tuna.
    Can you give me a little more info on your charter. How long are we out for how far off shore does the charter go, how much per person and how does it work if a tuna is caught.
    I would be coming out from Albany NY area. It would be me and my 16 yr old son. I’ve always wanted to go tuna fishing. We’ve done lake fresh water fishing and we’ve done charters out of Long Island for sea bass, blues and fluke etc. this would be a great birthday outing for the two of us.

    Thank you

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