COVID-19 and Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters
Gloucester MA

Tuna Hunter is happy to welcome charter customers for the 2020 fishing season, following  recommended COVID-19  guidelines and cleanliness protocols  (see the MA WORKPLACE SAFETY and REOPENING STANDARDS).

Please note the Massachusetts COVID-19 Travel Order, effective August 1st.  the order means anyone coming into MA from outside of  New England, New York, New Jersey and Hawaii  must:

  • Complete the Massachusetts Travel Form prior to arrival,
  • Quarantine for 14 days, or produce a negative COVID-19 test result that has been administered up to 72-hours prior to your arrival in MA.

Your health and safety are most important as we get out on the water to enjoy giant bluefin tuna fishinghaddock fishing, shark fishing, whale watching or inshore striped bass fishing.

Gloucester tuna fishing
The Tuna Hunter crew pull in a 920 pound bluefin tuna.
Gloucester haddock fishing
The Pineapple Gang enjoy their annual boatload of fun and haddock aboard Tuna Hunter

Masks + Cleaning + Safe Practices  + Common Sense

Make for Enjoyable Safe Outdoor Recreation on Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters

COVID-19 Safety Practices:

  • Face Masks All persons on board shall have and wear a face mask.
    • Masks are mandatory behind the console
    • Masks are optional but recommended on deck.
    • Tuna Hunter will have masks and bandanas for our charter customers
    • Please bring your own mask if you have specific needs or preferences
  • Distancing Maintain a safe distance apart on deck at all times
  • Cleanliness Tuna Hunter is cleaning with bleach and disinfectant above and below deck between each charter and throughout the day.
    • Yes, we did this before! Yes, we are cleaning a bit more, to be sure.
    • We have cleaning options and hand sanitizer aboard for your use during your charter
    • Please bring your own personal cleaning products if you have specific needs or preferences
  • Numbers Consider limiting your charter to 4 persons, for ease of distancing between persons at all times.
  • Health If you or anyone in your party is sick or does not feel well, please call us to reschedule your charter.
  • Common Sense Common sense applies at all times. If the captain determines the boat or charter are unsafe regarding COVID-19 guidelines for crew and or passengers, he may end the charter early for the safety of all concerned.

With a bit of effort and a good dose of common sense we can all enjoy a successful healthy fishing season ~
Gary, Karen and Ben wish everyone safety, health and good fishing through the 2020 fishing season.  Please join us!