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Striped Bass and Bluefish Charters – Inshore

Striped Bass and bluefish charters are exiting, light tackle fishing inshore, around the rocks and islands of the Cape Ann shores. We fish with a combination of live bait and chum, casting or trolling, to suit the conditions of the day. Tuna Hunter has been known to catch 400-pound bluefin tuna while fishing for striped bass – so be prepared – if a tuna strolls by, Captain Gary will be sure to attempt a hook-up.

Gloucester fishing charters

Bluefin Tuna Charters – Offshore

Giant bluefin tuna is a specialty of Captain Gary, who has been tuna fishing up and down the Atlantic Coast since 1980. Bluefin tuna fishing is serious big game fishing – Tuna Hunter carries an arsenal of five meticulously maintained Penn 130’s mounted on custom Hardy big game rods. Tuna charters are offshore, anywhere from 5 to 25 miles offshore, or more. One may troll squid rigs early in the season, or anchor along a hot-spot edge an chum or offer live bait. Capturing fresh live bait is an integral part of all tuna charters – “livies” are like lollipops for giant bluefin – and the goal is to turn their head and make them bite. Cod and haddock abound on the tuna grounds, so charters most often bring home ample fillets for a few seafood dinners.

A giant bluefin hookup is like no rush one has ever experienced – the reel screams, the crew goes nuts, 25 things happen at once, then you are reeling like crazy til your arm feels like it is going to drop off. Plan on bringing strong arms on these charters! This is big game hunting. Once harpooned, tail wrapped and brought on board.

Gloucester fishing charters

Small and Medium bluefin tuna fishing has been excellent in the last few years, offering exciting light-tackle tuna action. For this category of tuna fishing, we use lighter tackle conventional and spinning rods. Strap on a belt and fight your bluefin stand-up. Tuna of all sizes have tremendous power – the battle is incredible. Fighting stand-up, it is just you and the fish. Technique is important here. Captain Gary and crew will provide coaching and direction as needed to bring these awesome bluefin tuna to the boat. According to the latest Angling regulations, smaller tuna may be retained by the charter, or tagged and released. TUNA HUNTER is a proponent of tag-and-release for the study of these bluefin. Read more at IGFA Tag-Flag Awards on our News page.

Cod and Haddock Charters – Offshore

Cod and Haddock charters are traditional deep sea fishing – offshore anywhere from 5 to 25 miles or more, often on Stellwagen Bank, Jeffreyss Ledge, Tillies, Saturday Night Ledge, or other favorite hot spots that Captain Gary frequents. These charters are bottom fishing, in 100 to 300 feet of water, using conventional reels and quality Fenwick rods. Tuna Hunter employs a mix of jigs and bait. While bottom fishing, one may encounter wolffish, large pollock, cusk, and other good-tasting food fish. Blue sharks abound – and are known to follow one’s catch up to the surface for an impressive view … Bluefin tuna are a possibility. Whale watching is a side-benefit of all offshore charters.

Shark Fishing Charters – Offshore

Shark fishing charters are not exactly like JAWS – do not expect a great white to gnaw on the end of our stern! Though great whites have been seen in our waters in recent years – a great white sighting is a possibility. Makos, probeagles and threshers are more likely. Shark charters of offshore, traditional deep sea fishing. We travel 15 to 30 or more miles offshore to the waters of Stellwagen Bank, Jeffries Ledge, Tillie’s Bank or similar waters. TUNA HUNTER will most often chum heavily for sharks. Once sharks are “chummed in” and marked under the boat, Captain Gary may swap in a light tackle rod to make for an optimal fight for the size of shark. We want you to experience the best fight possible – this means using tackle to match the size of the shark at hand. Charters may encounter cod and haddock, whales or even bluefin tuna while on a shark trip.

Mermaid Fishing – Inshore or Offshore

Mermaid fishing is a rare opportunity, that has been reported to occur on lucky TUNA HUNTER fishing charters. All we can say is, catch one if you can!

Gloucester fishing charters

What to Bring

Tuna Hunter provides all bait and meticulously maintained tackle for all fishing charter trips. We provide instruction (as needed) on the use of all tackle and angling techniques suitable to your fishing charter and conditions. Our mates will handle your bait and fish throughout your fishing charter, and fillet and bag your catch at the end of the day. Ice is available at our marina, or at the Mobil Mart next door, for keeping your catch cool on the way home.

 Packing List

All you need to bring is food and drink for your party for the day, plus personal items:

  • Hats & Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Jackets or Windbreakers (it is always much cooler on the water)
  • Rain gear (if rain or showers are in the marine forecast)
  • Soft soled, non-marking shoes (no black or hard-soled work boots please!).
  • Lightweight long pants, in case of excess sun or biting bugs

Plus, plan for plenty of water and perhaps an extra sandwich or two, since being out on the water works up an appetite.

Just in Case…

For those prone to sea sickness, Plan Ahead! We suggest checking out …

  • Bonine
  • Dramamine
  • Sea sickness patches
  • Accu-pressure wristbands

Note that products like Bonine and Dramamine need to be taken before you get on board to be effective – please read and follow the recommended directions.

Heavy partying the night before intensifies any propensity to motion sickness. We suggest saving your heavy celebrating for the night after your big catch.

Getting Here …


See our Contacts page or the Contact Us section in the page footer for a full map and link to Directions.

  • Tuna Hunter is a slip J6, Cape Ann Marina, 75 Essex Avenue, Gloucester, MA  01966
  • Boston Logan International (BOS) is the closest major airport.  The drive from Logan is approx. 50 minutes.  There are plenty of car rental agencies out of Logan.  If you prefer a limo service, please contact us and we can provide recommendations.
  • Lodging at Cape Ann Marina is the most convenient, as you are here.  If staying at Cape Ann Marina tell then you are fishing with Tuna Hunter.
  • There are many accommodations on Cape Ann – inns, B&B’s, hotels and vacation rentals.  We suggest you make arrangements early as Cape Ann is a popular vacation and wedding destination – weekends sell out fast.
  • Need catering?  We recommend Cape Ann Coffees for everything from AM coffee to lunch, beverages and snacks.

More questions? Please contact us and we will help out.
We look forward to fishing with you.